House Specialties

Hancook Cheese Dakgalbi is located in the centre of Korean Town, near Bathurst & Bloor. Hancook Cheese Dakgalbi offers traditional and contemporary Korean cuisines made with top quality ingredients. Using boneless skinless lean chicken for our Dakgalbi dishes.

It is the perfect restaurant if you are looking to try some delicious Korean cuisine with great service at reasonable prices.


About Us

  • Cheese Dakgalbi
  • Hot Iron Plate Dishes 
  • Pork Bone Soup
  • Soft Tofu Soup
  • Fried Rice
  • Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap

Hancook Cheese Dakgalbi newly opened in November 2015 featuring authentic Korean food. Hancook Cheese Dakgalbi is named after Korean word for Korea (Hanguk한국), and our cook’s last name Han.

Our cook Han is very knowledgeable with Korean cuisine, with lots of experiences. From having her own cooking classes in Korea, to featuring in Korean TV channel All TV’s cooking show.